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VR Oxygen came up with several solutions for people's needs around VR. Based on the study of people's mental models, needs, and desires it was possible to find and validate the problems people face with virtual reality. The created products are linked to each other and complement each other, they are the results of research, people feedback and observations. The products (VR Experience, Vlog, Website, Viewer) can be seen below.

VR Design. Case Study HERE

Below: Volumetric prototyping example. Testing interactions, scales and locations. Made with Unity3D and Blender. More details in the Volumetric Prototyping Case Study

Below: Volumetric menu example. Testing interactions, locations, colors and brightness/ lighting. Here I am also testing arrows and rotation direction to establish which scenario people naturally expect. Made with Unity3D and Blender. More details in the 3D Layouts, VR Interactions/ Pet Menu Case Study

Below: VR prototype, working with cubemaps and skyboxes. Made using tablet and Unity3D. Testing scale and depth of particular objects, to understanding the comfortable and suitable level of details. Identifying a comfortable color palette for the experience. Made with Unity3D and Blender. More details in the Sketching a VR Storyboard, VR Prototyping Case Study

Below: Working on 3D art, characters and scene elements. Here are some examples of a dog character creation at various stages of the modeling process; low poly 3D modeling for collisions in Unity3D; lean construction, rigging and animation processes. Made in Blender. More details in the Working on 3D Art Case Study

Below: Creating an armature and movements with Inverse Kinematics Bone Constraints. Rigging, skinning, animating. Creating a walk cycle, choosing timing, and checking the mesh, blocking animation. Testing some poses and specific movements. Made in Blender. More details in the Working on 3D Art Case Study

360 video product: Leaving Notes and Engaging with 360. Case Study HERE

360 video prototype. First two screens contain sound. (360 video credit: Mettle 360/ VR Master Series. Eric Fassbender, Atmosphaeres, Crystal Shower Falls). Details HERE

Video Blog dedicated to the best VR experiences discovery and VR Design. Case Study HERE

Some stills and gifs from vlog episodes:

Some of the episodes (From top to bottom, left to right. The newest – last thumbnail or video):

The current website: The latest designs are below (progressive web app, work in progress), the new protoype is scheduled to be tested in July and Aug. 2017 before starting development. Desktop and tablet included). Case Study HERE

VR Oxygen Viewer (version 2). Case Study HERE

Showing VR Oxygen viewers at different expos (Marinovators, Maker Faire); observing, surveying, interviewing.

Everyone in the photo was asked for agreement/disagreement to post the photos and explained the purpose of it. All the participant listed in the photos gave their permission to use their photos.

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